2014 11 28
Comfort Hotel

The IX-th Conference on Biological Therapies. Current Treatment of Primary CNS and Metastatic Malignancies is multidisciplinary where we involve specialists from many different fields of medicine: medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, pathologists, molecular biologists, epidemiologists and imunologists. Research have shown positive improvements in the diagnostic and treating glioblastomas and other central nervous system malignancies.

The newest diagnostic technics, surgical methods, radiation technics, systemic chemotherapy, imunotherapy and target tharapy allow to safely improve patients survival. The newest pathological reaseach allow to evaluate the tumors morphological, moleculars and prognostical factors and individualise the patient‘s treatment and observation. Today‘s conference speakers are the experts in the fields of onconeurology malignancies not only in Lithuania, Europe, but all over the world. Their experience and advice will allow to tackle better the problems of diagnostics and treatment of neuro-malignancies in Lithuania and Baltic countries.